634-19 – My Birth Story – MAGDA KINGSLEY

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My Birth Story by MAGDA KINGSLEY

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Title : My Birth Story
Size/Medium : 750 x 500mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Magda’s Tjatja, grandmother, walked to the billabong with her mother to give birth to Magda. They collected weeds and grass to make the hole softer for the baby. Her Tjatja wrapped her up in lots of sheets to keep her warm. They swept around Magda to cover their footprints so her aunty wouldn’t recognise her. The dingos heard Magda crying because she was covered in ants and they tried to pull her out. Magda’s uncle scared the dingos away with boomerangs. Her aunty and uncle took her back to the Old Balgo Mission. Magda is named after Mary Magdaline because it’s the feast day. The white represents the nun showing photos of St. Mary Magdaline to her mother- that’s how she got her kartiya, whitefella, name. Magda’s given name is Tijilanar.

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