612-20 – Walku – HELICOPTER (Joey Tjungurrayi)


Walku by HELICOPTER (Joey Tjungurrayi)

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Artist : HELICOPTER (Joey Tjungurrayi)
Title : Walku
Size/Medium : 1200 x 600mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Helicopter has [ainted Walku, bush apple. This is mangarri (bush food) that he and his family used to harvest eat all the time in the desert. it grows near Nyinmi, which is Helicopters traditional country; located far to the south west of Balgo, in the Great Sandy Desert. Helicopter says “this from a big tree this one. Big tree. Apple tree. Palya mangarri (good food). Sometimes cook him, make him soft.”

The many parallel lines represent the tali, the sandhills, which dominate the landscape of this country.

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