47-19 – Wangkartu – HELICOPTER (Joey Tjungurrayi)


Wangkartu by HELICOPTER (Joey Tjungurrayi)

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Artist : HELICOPTER (Joey Tjungurrayi)
Title : Wangkartu
Size/Medium : 1000 x 500mm: acrylic on linen Painting

Helicopter has depicted his traditional country, located far to the south west of Balgo, in the Great Sandy Desert. This country is near Nynmi and is known as Wangkartu, named for the tjurrnu (soakwater) which was the life source for Helicopter when he was a young man travelling and hunting across the land with his family.

The many parallel lines in the painting represent the tali (sand dunes) which dominate the landscape of the area. Helicopter has painted some of the many yinta (waterholes) found in the area. The singular circle represents Ngupawarlu, this is a living water, meaning during the wet or dry if you dig you will always find water. The central line of yinta from left to right are Nukulyu, Tjarru, Pirlilimarlu, Nguny-Nguny and Tarltu. In the zig zag shape from top to bottom are Maanypa (living water), Yintaramalu, Partiripa, Ngamaparrpa, Kurrkumarlu, Mgarlmara, Kurrunytjuunmarlu and Ngawirli (this waterhole is a woman’s place).

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