449-20 – Mangarri and Bush Medicine – MARIE MUDGEDELL


Mangarri and Bush Medicine by MARIE MUDGEDELL

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Title : Mangarri and Bush Medicine
Size/Medium : 914 x 610mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Marie says; “Women go hunting you know. To pick up, to collect bush mangarri and bush medicine.”

This painting represents the bush foods; kumpupatja (bush tomato), karnti (bush sweet potato), tjirrilpatja (bush carrots) and ngarlukutu (bush coconut).

The painting also tells the story of women collecting bush medicine.

Wumpart- “We boil it, good for boil and scabies, for skin.”

Kukakuwurrkal- “Lemongrass, have it as a tea. We drink it every morning for kidney.”

Ngurnu Ngurnu- “Bush vicks, we make vicks for cold sick.”


Yuwayi thats all. 


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