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Title : Wiltji
Size/Medium : 1200 x 400mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

This is an old story given to Genevieve by her great great Grandmother on her mothers side about the water that didn’t go away. Wiitji is the name given to the holes in the rock in this location on the Canning Stock Route, in the Great Sandy Desert, about 10km east of Well 33. People have been visiting this place for a long time.  The holes are beleived to be made by Kinyu, an ancestral dingo spirit. It is an area where water pools and can’t run off. When people go there they have to go with leaves and sweep them side to side in a similar motion that people use in sorry time (mourning). This is important to let the country know you’re back to visit your homeland. If there are no visitors there will be no water.

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