347-20 – Warna Tjukurrpa- Rainbow Serpent – JIMMY AND ANGIE TCHOOGA

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Warna Tjukurrpa- Rainbow Serpent by JIMMY AND ANGIE TCHOOGA

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Title : Warna Tjukurrpa- Rainbow Serpent
Size/Medium : 900 x 300mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Angie has painted the story of two rainbow serpents. The top snake is Nangala, a female. She has one eye. She belongs to Sturt Creek Country- Angie’s country. The snake at the bottom is Tjangala. He is a man, with one red eye. He is cheeky and belongs to Paraku (Lake Gregory near Mulan.) He was trying to get into Sturt creek River. Nangala got jealous of her river and told him to back to his own country. 

Angie says you should let the rainbow serpent know you are there, by putting mud or water on your skin, before you go swimming. 

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