342-20 – Ngapagulagnu Tjukurrpa – ALISON GILL


Ngapagulagnu Tjukurrpa by ALISON GILL

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Title : Ngapagulagnu Tjukurrpa
Size/Medium : 750 x 500mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Alison has painted her father’s (Mick Gill) country, which is south of Balgo in the Great Sandy Desert . Alison’s uncle also used to paint Ngapagulagnu Tjukurrpa, which is Alison’s grandfathers dreaming. 

Alison tells the story of this painting, she says “There was lightning and thunder. A big rain came from the North, from Kalapunda. When my grandfather saw that rain, he got frightened and he ran. He hid in a cave but that rain never fell down, it went pass him to Kurtal. 

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