328-18 – Wangkartu – HELICOPTER (Joey Tjungurrayi)


Wangkartu by HELICOPTER (Joey Tjungurrayi)

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Artist : HELICOPTER (Joey Tjungurrayi)
Title : Wangkartu
Size/Medium : 1200 x 400mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Helicopter has depicted some of his traditional country, which is located far to the south west of Balgo, in the Great Sandy Desert. This country is known as Wangkartu, named for the tjurrnu, or soakwater featured in the centre of the painting. It was in this country that Helicopter was born, and travelled and hunted as a young man with his family. The majority of the painting represents the tali, or sand dunes which dominate the landscape of the area. In the circles represent the inta, or living water, at Wangkartu.

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