306-19 – Tjumunturra – JOAN (EVA) NAGOMARA

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Tjumunturra by JOAN (EVA) NAGOMARA

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Title : Tjumunturra
Size/Medium : 450 x 300mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Eva has told the story of hunting frogs around Tjumunturra, a site close to Wirrimanu (Balgo). You go hunting around the little creeks, when you see little lumps on the ground you know there are frogs. You have to dig them and when they jump out of the ground they make a ‘Brruuk Brruuk’ sound. Frogs are good for fighting cold sick.

Eva says a long time the Kukatja people in Balgo didn’t know about the frogs, and the other groups taught them all about them.

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