304-20 – Wirramanu – JOAN (EVA) NAGOMARA


Wirramanu by JOAN (EVA) NAGOMARA

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Title : Wirramanu
Size/Medium : 914 x 610mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Here, Eva shows her love and knowing of the ngurra (country) she lives and grew up on.

Eva has painted the land around Wirramanu, Balgo. The two parallel blue lines represent the billabongs, creeks and waterways. The orange lines next to them represent the muddy banks. In the middle of the painting Eva has painted memories of women sitting around (U shapes). The white lines radiating outwards in different parts of the painting are little kiliki (creeks). The colourful dot work represent all the different types of plants and flowers. 

Eva says: “We always sing before we go hunting… those women were singing for kuka (meat) and mangarri (bushtucker) that they are going to get on that hunting trip.”

On both edges of the painting eva has painted soakwaters. The cirlces with white around them represent dry soak waters. The brown circles represent holes in the ground left from the women when they are digging for karnti (sweet potato) and kimpupatja (bush tomatoes). 

Also, there are small footprints of birds depicted in the painting. Eva says “All those little birds hanging around the soakwaters. Those birds sing for us, telling people there is water nearby.”


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