30-21 – Wirramanu – JOAN (EVA) NAGOMARA


Wirramanu by JOAN (EVA) NAGOMARA

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Title : Wirramanu
Size/Medium : 610 x 457mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

“This is Wirramanu. All the country around Balgo. All kinds of bush flowers and mangarri. Flower like wattle, and those little white spots are kumpupatja. Bush tomato. There is also honey grevillea, which we break off and suck on. Tastes like honey. Little white flowers everywhere, and purple ones. All those wildflowers coming out during the winter time. They tell us all the bush tucker is ready. The flowers tell us. Then we go around, look at ground. Go hunting for mangarri. When they are ready we go out and get them. There is tjirilpatja too, bush onions. Karnti; bush sweet potato. Those circles (in the painting) are holes from digging karnti. When you’re finished you have to fill them in so that nothing falls in the hole.”

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