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Title : Mungil
Size/Medium : 1200 x 400mm:acrylic on canvas Painting

Veronica has painted some of her traditional country, located close to her home community of Mulan. This painting features mungil, a type of seed. It was a common food source when Veronica was younger and before she came to live at Mulan permanently. Mungil is blue and purple when it is raw, turning yellow when cooked. 

Lulu says “They grow in that salty soil, Mungil is the name! Mungil this one. They go get it, take them up in coolamon. Take them down to the water and wash them all the salt. Then they put it in the ground, dry them out on the clay pan you know. And after when it’s dry they taste it. If its still salty they wash it again and dry it agian. Then its ready to grind… colourful one too!”

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