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Title : Yarrki
Size/Medium : 900 x 600mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

In this painting, Geraldine paints her father’s, well-known artist Brandy Tjungurrayi’s, country. This country is known as Yarrki and is located near Jupiter well, which is a long distance away from Balgo. Although this area is a vast desert landscape, central to this region is the large soakhole and several smaller soakholes that supplies fresh drinking water, as depicted central within this painting. This area is known to be a good hunting area, but also as referenced by the different hues, are various bush foods such as Pintal (bush tomatoes), Kalyil Kalyil (long stemmed plant in which sweet syrup, like sugar is found), Kumpurt (bush raisings), Bush Potatoes and Bush Bananas can be found. Through this beautiful contemporary artwork Geraldine retells the importance of her father’s country and its ability to provide food and water for its people.

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