246-20 – Warna Tjukurrpa – Trina Blacksmith

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Warna Tjukurrpa by Trina Blacksmith

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Artist : Trina Blacksmith
Title : Warna Tjukurrpa
Size/Medium : 1219 x 610mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Trina Blacksmith has painted her grandfathers story, Warna Tjukurrpa (Snake Dreaming). She believes she is the only one left, in her family, to be painting her grandfather’s (Peter Tjapananka Blacksmith) dreaming story. 

Trina says:

“You can’t paint the eyes (of the snake). When you’re painting, he’s watching you. He is probably singing you. My dad told me you can’t paint those eyes, as soon as you do; he’ll get you. My dad told me, my grandfather painted those eyes once and as soon as he did his hand just went still (frozen/seized up).

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