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Ngantalarra by SADIE PADDOON

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Title : Ngantalarra
Size/Medium : 400 x 300mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Sadie has depcited some of her TjaTja (grandmother’s) country called Ngantalarra. A long time ago her people used to walk this country looking for the rockholes for water, but they couldn’t find them. They started burning the dry grasses across the soak plain so they could navigate that country in the future. When they went back they saw that site was really green, the rockhole had green grass around and they got very excited because they knew there was water for them to drink. In this painting the red around the rock hole shows the rock hole when it is dry and the water goes grey and dirty. The bright green is when the grass grows up showing there is water there. When the rockholes are empty tadpoles move to the soakwaters. This is Sadie’s Tjukurrpa (dreaming).

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