226-20 – Pumpunyi (bush vines) – ANNE OVI

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Pumpunyi (bush vines) by ANNE OVI

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Artist : ANNE OVI
Title : Pumpunyi (bush vines)
Size/Medium : 60mm x 450mm: acrylic on canvas Painting

Anne has painted plants that grow around her country of Paruku (Lake Gregory), a vast salt lake near Mulan Community. Pumpunyi is a bush vine which is used from medicine. You can use the fruit, leaves and branches of this plant. The fruit can be mangarri (food) or medicine. The medicine can be prepared by boiling the plant into a tea to drink or inhale the steam. Or people can wash with it. The yellow seeds are boiled up, you can either drink it or use to wash sores. The white dots in the background represent the flowers that bloom in November.

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